C-max Energi Break In Procedure

As with all vehicles, there is a break-in procedure that should be followed to allow the engine and other vehicle components to become fully lubricated and wear into their places. This will not only improve performance and fuel economy, but will soften springs and create a better ride. All information was taken from the 2013 Ford C-max Energi owner’s manual found on the C-max Energi Forum

According to the 2013 Ford C-max Energi owner’s manual, the break-in procedure is as follows:

New tires need to break in for approximately 300 miles, and during this time the vehicle may exhibit some unusual driving characteristics such as less than normal traction, hard ride and perhaps some wobbling. The engine also needs to break in, so during the first 1000 miles, avoid hard accelerations and driving too fast (the manual leaves it up to us to determine what ‘too fast’ actually is though). It is also recommended to avoid carrying loads up steep grades – this would include towing, and perhaps even hauling 4 large adults up a steep highway section.

In order to allow for a break-in period for the vehicle, Ford does not allow new owners to create a vehicle health report on their C-max Energi until the odometer has reached 200 miles.

Ford also reminds owners not to measure fuel economy during the first 1000 miles (the break-in period for the C-max Energi) since a more accurate measurement is obtained after 2000-3000 miles.

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