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Fusion Energi vs C-max Energi

The Ford C-max Energi has really exploded since it’s October 2012 release. Not only did it outsell the Toyota Prius Plug-in in it’s first full month of sales, it also beat previous launch records for the Toyota Prius, Honda Odyssey and Toyota Camry Hybrid when they were first released!

The Fusion Energi is Ford’s second plug-in hybrid electric vehicle offering. The electric vehicle isn’t even available yet, but it’s already received a host of awards including the Green Car of the Year and the Connected Car of the Year. It has also received one of the highest EPA ratings of any plug-in hybrid vehicle – it’s rated at 108 MPGe in the city!

There are some skeptics that say the hybrid market can’t handle too many vehicle offerings, or that the target market is young hipsters who want a crossover type vehicle like the C-max Energi more than they want a family sedan like the Fusion Energi. Either way you slice it, the Fusion Energi is shaping up to be a market shaker.

Ford will be officially releasing some more details on the Fusion Energi at the upcoming North American International Auto Show later this month. To stay up to date on what’s happening with the Ford Fusion Energi, head over to the forum and say hello! I’ll see you there.

Fusion Energi design is inspired by European luxury

I came across an interesting post on the Fusion Energi Forum today that talks about how similar the 2013 Fusion is to some luxury European vehicles like Aston Martin.

One forum member said the Fusion Energi’s design reminded them of the Tesla Model S – and that makes sense. The Tesla Model S was designed by a designer that used to work for Aston Martin.

LA Times published an article talking about European Flair that the Fusion Energi has, and noted that the grill looks like an Aston Martin and the taillights look like a Jaguar from Gran Turismo.

Either way, the Fusion Energi is a beautiful family sedan considering the price point.

Tesla Model S

Tesla grill looks like Fusion Energi, or is it the other way around?!

Fusion Energi scheduling confusion

Originally Ford had said that scheduling for the 2013 Fusion Energi would begin December 12th, and production would start January 7th. However, since then, a Hertz website called Donlen is listing the Fusion Energi Scheduling to start December 20th, and production to start on January 21st 2013. What does this mean? Nothing – except that we have no idea what to believe.

The last press release from Ford in regards to the 2013 Fusion Energi (as listed on the fusion energi forum here) was in late November when Ford announced the Fusion Energi pricing would start at $39,945 before incentives. Since then, Ford has been keeping quiet – about specs, and about production schedules and dates.

When do you think the Ford Fusion Energi will be available?

[edit: today Ford released some news about the EPA rating of the Fusion Energi]