Ford C-max Hybrid and C-max Energi October Sales

Ford is super stoked about the amount of sales their C-max Hybrid and C-max Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicle are getting.

The C-max Energi just went on sale late in October, but still managed 144 sales. Meanwhile, the C-max Hybrid manages to claim 3rd highest hybrid vehicle sales, beating out the Toyota Camry!

“Customers now come into our showrooms for fuel economy, and we’re delivering with six vehicles that offer 40 mpg or better, including the new C-MAX Hybrid at 47 mpg combined, with another two on the way by year’s end.” Ford is definitely committed to greener cars – perhaps maybe just to take some of the business the Toyota Prius has, but either way, it’s creating more green vehicle options for buyers, and putting pressure on competitors to lower prices and increase value. Initial conquest data show that more than 70 percent of C-MAX Hybrid buyers traded in a competitive model or added it without trading in another vehicle. Also, one third of all C-max buyers cross shopped and compared the Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius V.

“The new C-MAX is off to a fast start in the heart of the hybrid market, not only outselling Prius v, but drawing a lot of interested Toyota customers who chose our new hybrid instead,” says C.J. O’Donnell, manager, Ford Electrified Vehicles.

So folks, it’s official. America’s most fuel-efficient and affordable plug-in hybrid vehicle (yep, that’s the C-max Energi for now at least) – is now available at Ford EV-certified dealers in half the states across the country.

new lithium ion batteries in C-max Energi provide better fuel economy

Ford’s hybrid system that is uses in the C-max Energi is a third generation system. It will replace the metal-hydride batteries with the lighter lithium ion batteries – they are 50% lighter and can also be up to 30% smaller than metal-hydride batteries. This allows the Ford C-max Energi and C-max Hybrid to achieve better fuel efficienct.

Ford’s all new C-max Hybrid has been in showrooms for about a month, and the Ford C-max Energi is coming to dealerships any day now!

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C-max Energi approved for solo carpool lane use

California has approved the 2013 Ford C-max Energi plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for the Green Clean Air Vehicle sticker in California. That means a lone occupant can drive the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in the carpool lane by themselves.

Now that the C-max Energi has been approved in California, Ford says it will likely be approved in other states with similar laws like New York and Virginia.

“We’re pleased with California customers’ early interest in the C-MAX hybrids, our first dedicated hybrid-only nameplate in North America, in the No. 1 hybrid market in the U.S.,” said Michael O’Brien, Ford electrified vehicle marketing manager. “The C-MAX Energi is the most affordable, most fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid with the longest overall range for any utility or compact vehicle on the market today – this extra carpool lane incentive and rebate will help Californians go further with Ford in every sense of the phrase.”

In California, there are only 40,000 single occupant access stickers available in the state for any qualifying vehicles, so it is a first come first serve basis.

Due to the size of the C-max Energi battery pack, being smaller than a 100% electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf, the Federal Tax Credit is $5,250 rather than the full $7,500 amount available to all electric vehicles.

For more information on the C-max Energi Forum, sign up and discuss the C-max Energi – part of Ford’s first fully hybrid line of vehicles.

Green tech for EVs

“It is possible for householders to install green technology in their homes and to use that to fuel electric cars. Many electric car enthusiasts are already powering their wheels from solar panels on their homes. Renewable energy installation companies report that business is booming as more people decide to go down this route.

I believe that in ten years time, it will be absolutely commonplace for ordinary householders to recharge their electric cars overnight from renewable sources, such as wind, or solar energy.

The amazing thing about green electricity, is that it would be a free source of fuel, once the installations are paid for. There would be small ongoing maintenance costs, but nothing like what we are paying for fuel today.

If you are thinking of driving electric, then you are probably also thinking of trying to free yourself completely from ever-rising fuel costs in your home also.”

– Excerpt taken from ‘Cool Electric Car’

C-max Energi wins green car vision award

It’s been 2 year sin a row now that Ford has one the Green Car Journal Green Visionary award – last year it was the Ford Focus Electric, this year it is the Ford C-max Energi that received the award.

The award is chosen for a vehicle that is green and not yet available to the market but shows a way possible to increase fuel efficiency or reduce CO2 emissions or some other way have a lower environmental impact.